Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Car safety

Maybe it's because Daniel and I spend so much time in the car, but I am rabid about car-seat safety. It's the one thing that's likely to make me honk at another parent - when I see those kids bouncing all over the car, hanging over the driver's shoulder, or leaning up against the dash IN A MOVING CAR.

So when ParentCenter.com sent me my daily bulletin and it was about car seat safety, I had to pass it along.

Here's the link, and the topics.


Not using a safety seat consistently
Using an old or secondhand seat
Turning your child to face forward too soon
Moving your child out of his car seat or booster too soon
Not installing a safety seat correctly
Not using a locking clip or using it incorrectly
Not securing your child in the seat
Not buckling a car seat into the car
Holding your child on your lap
Letting two kids share one seat belt
Letting your child ride in the front seat

To the lady in the red Blazer I pass every morning - I don't care if you're just driving in the neighborhood, those kids need to sit down and buckle up! A huge percentage of accidents happen within five miles of home.


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Anonymous said...

As a physician with background training in pediatrics and with a dad engineering auto seat design, I am a child safety seat fanatic. Still couldn't get the infant seat base into our sedan bucket seat. Finding resources in my community took many phone calls! Car safety is a pretty frustrating term. Especially since you can't take the car seats out and try them in your car before choosing one!