Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tiny tears cut to the heart

My schedule didn't allow me to attend the funeral of fallen firefighter Steven Solomon, but the front page photograph of today's Telegraph took me right there. With sunlight kissing her face, little N'Kya Solomon accepted her father's badge in her tiny hand. The little girl, who looks like she is barely three, will live the rest of her life without her daddy. The same is true for her three brothers and their mother, Kennetha Solomon, who lost her best friend. She spoke of her wonderful husband's love and support for her and the children. "I know he was tough, but that was because he loved y'all so much and he wanted y'all to grow up and be respectful people," she told the children in front of more than 1,000 people who came to honor their daddy's sacrifice. They all have my respect and I will especially pray for strength for that mother, the widow of a good man who died in service to others. Thank you to all who selflessly put themselves in harm's way for the greater good.
-- Liz Fabian


Jay said...

Our firefighters in macon are osme of the best, Steve was one. Macon needs to pay them more so they stay in Macon. I can only imagine The face of macon fire dept. Had the city continue to give us raises like other cities do.

Jody said...

Steve was a good firefighter. He was also one in a long list of great firefighter that left macon for better paying jobs. One can only imgine where steve would be now if macon wasnt such a stingy town toward its public officials.