Tuesday, August 28, 2007

much-needed advice

Since Daniel was born, I have been worried about how to talk to him about smoking. See, Chris has been a smoker since he was 13. I'm a rabid nonsmoker. You see the conflicting messages we're sending?
To Chis' credit, he's tried everything to quit. Patches, gum, hypnosis, none of it takes care of a 20-year habit. And he has never smoked in our house or in my car. When Daniel was a baby, Chris had a jacket he'd put on before going outside to smoke and he'd take it right off when he was done. So Daniel has been exposed to as little second- or third-hand smoke as possible.
But the delimma remains: how do I teach Daniel that smoking is bad, but his daddy's not a bad person for doing it?
BabyCenter came to my rescue (as they often do) with a discussion board on teaching your child about smoking. While some of it is still over Daniel's head (I'm not sure he'll understand "addictions") I did get some tips that will work.
And Chris is still trying to quit, bless his heart.

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Anonymous said...

I am in the same boat dear! I have worried about the impact that my husband's smoking habit of 15 years will have on our children. Since they will see my example that I have made the choice not to smoke so that I can be healthy, I can only hope that they will follow me. I drill it in their heads that smoking is bad for your body and they learn about it in school too! I try to not make him look like the bad guy but I still encourage him (in front of them as well) to stop. I want him to be around as long as possible. He will have to TRULY have the desire to quit before he will. My dad prayed to lose the taste for cigarettes and his prayer came true. That doesn't happen for everyone, but if you are a believer, it can! Bottom-line, you be the best example for your kids and you know what, your husband will probaly learn from your example, too!