Sunday, August 05, 2007

Welcome to your new school

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Its amazing how children adapt. Since February and I moved to Bonaire, I have been telling my son he's going to Bonaire Elementary School. We even went and registered him, drove by the school every day and he was pretty excited. I have been looking, along with my significant other, at buying a house. I DID try to find one in the Bonaire district that I liked, but most were above the price range we wanted to spend. We ended up getting a contract just yesterday with a house near Lake Joy Primary.

And then yesterday, at 3:30, I drove my son to the school, registered him, sat in the office while the principal found him a teacher and he got to meet his teacher at the open house. He loves that there is a huge rock wall there, the media center is really big and the building looks really new and the best part is that their mascot is the Lions. They have stuffed lions, paintings of lions, lion books, you name it. And to boot, his teacher said that two kids from where he went last year are in his class. This is aside from the three kids he saw in the hall that he knows from the YMCA camp this summer.

In my opinion, all my child needed to see was that mommy was excited and comfortable with the school to give him the right attitude. From what I've seen from the office staff, teachers and up to the principal, the year is getting off to a wonderful albeit new start!


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