Monday, September 10, 2007

Mommy inked

From "Inked" to "Miami Ink" to "L.A. Ink," tv shows about tattoo artists have helped a hot trend go mainstream. And BabyCenter reports this morning that moms are among the big wave of Americans embracing permanent body art.
I have to say, that when I got my tattoo (Daniel's name along with mine and Chris' in Greek lettering around my ankle), no one freaked out. Even now that I'm working in conservative academia, whenever someone asks about my tattoo and I explain it, the response has been "how sweet." So I guess tattooing has really become mainstream, and moms are definitely keeping up with the times.
What would you get to represent your kids? Pretend for a moment that it's not permanent and your mother wouldn't have a hissy. Just daydream - then share!


tattootonya said...

I have two ladybugs on my right shoulder that represent my two daughters. I have 5 tattoos so far with my largest being an 11 inch mermaid. My next tattoos are two baby girl mermaids, also to represent my baby girls. I think I'm addicted to ink.

Anonymous said...

I have a tattoo on my lower back that I got when I was eighteen. I'm thinking of getting something for my 4 month old daughter. Still trying to decide what to get. Any suggestions?

Liz said...

I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. Just yesterday I had someone stop me at Faith's school with a tale of tortured mother who lost her kids over financial trouble. She got them back only to find her son had been abused in foster care. Now she is terrified she will get behind in her bills and lose the kids again. To complicate matters her neighbor says DFACS no longer can provide counseling for the youngster as he is not in their care. There are so many heartbreaking stories. Good luck keeping Daniel safe.

- Liz