Wednesday, September 12, 2007

protecting the boy

Daniel's rough and tumble. He's all boy and all the bumps and bruises that come with. So when we had a bad night last week and he both bumped his head turning somersaults and got hit in the eyeglasses when I opened his bedroom door (he was standing right behind it), I joked with my coworkers that his teachers were going to call DFCS on me for beating my kid.
They did.
So this week I find myself treating the kid like glass. After all, if the case worker finds more bruises when he comes back, I could lose my kid, right? So I'm letting him rot his brain by watching tv, he's spent some quality time playing Legos (made a pretty impressive slide, complete with handrails) and holding my breath until DFCS returns. Daniel seems to think he doesn't have to listen to me or Chris, and he certainly doesn't think he has to obey. It's been harrowing.
And I wonder if I'm protecting the boy, or doing harm by letting him see that DFCS has the power to scare me.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely horrendous! Why does the government hold power such as this over the raising of our children?

And the teacher who called DFACS?? She should be fired!!!!!

Misty said...

I try not to blame the teachers. While, in my training, one time does not qualify for a report of abuse, they don't know me and, for all they knew, I could have been doing something to Daniel. Our schoolteachers are way overworked and under enormous pressure to do their best for each child.
Likewise, I don't blame the DFCS worker who came out. He had to investigate, because most of the kids he meets probably are being abused. But he was very kind to us and kind of amazed that he had been called to our house, too.

Anonymous said...

I am SO sorry this happened to you! It makes me afraid for MY son who also has his mother's clumsiness and had bruises EVERYWHERE from playgrounds to baseball.

Keep being strong. Let me know if you need anything! We're in our new house now, I would love for you to come and see it if you have time. A & N

Anonymous said...

Did the teacher even ask Daniel what happen? This is awful to me - I really feel this teacher was out of line. Kids run and play and get bumps and bruises. If he came in everyday with bruises then I could understand but ......... was she just showing her authority...

Victoria said...

Misty I hope you will interview and report on people in GA who have had their children taken from them for no reason other than hearsay & DFACS watching too much television & the Business of making money off of the children by taking them. There are many including myself who have suffered so & I never realized until it happened to me. Please Misty. Kindest regards from Victoria