Tuesday, October 02, 2007


I've come to believe a Higher Power is telling me Chis and I are not meant to adopt. Of course, that isn't stopping us. But consider the evidence:
Our DFCS coordinator has taken ill and we're being "contracted out" to someone we haven't even met, or heard from, yet. Other couples are done with their first home visits!
There was the whole incident with Daniel's teacher reporting us for suspected abuse. While the DFCS investigator had no trouble filing it as an unfounded suspicion, it still made both myself and Chris leery of the System.
I had pneumonia and the inhalers I was given made my drug test come back positive. A more detailed test - on my hair - came back negative, but still.
My TB skin test came back with a false positive. Turns out I have been exposed to someone with TB, so my blood carries the antibodies that make the skin test come up just a little. The health department says I don't have TB, so I've been cleared, but come ON!
All of our fingerprints were erased in Atlanta. They are taken digitally with this testy little machine, then transported to ATL to be put in the DFCS system. Only someone hit the wrong button. So we're retaking the prints.
I mean, really. Is Someone trying to tell us we're not ready for another child or am I just hexed?

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Anonymous said...

My parents were in the military and when they lived in Spain, they got into the adoption process and were almost successful 3 different times. Each time they went to the hospital to get their child, they got there only to be told to go home when they started completing the adoption papers. All three times, the biological parents wanted their child to grow up Catholic (my parents are Methodist). I don’t know how my mom survived the heartbreak, especially on 3 separate occasions.
After many, many years in the “System” they finally got my brother, and a couple years later they got me. My mom has always told me that she would have waited a 100 years for my brother and me. And once you hold your next child in your arms, it will be easier to see that all these trials were worth it. Keep the faith!