Monday, October 08, 2007

old school

I waited until yesterday to tell Daniel he wouldn't be going to school this week. That instead he would be going back to his "old school" at Children's Friend this week.
"The whole week?" he exclaimed, counting off the days. Yep, the whole week. And, I sweetened the pot, you'll get to see Ms. Melinda again.
So this morning as we stepped into the day care, I wasn't expecting any problems. Silly mommy. HE clung to my leg, acting like he was 3 again instead of my confident kindergartener. He hid shyly behind me in a move from days long past. And I couldn't leave without giving him a big hug, just like when he used to go to that school every day. Amazing, the things that pop back up.
So, Houston County moms, what are you doing with your young this week? Wish I could take the week off with him, but it's Homecoming in the Valley, so I'll likely be putting in longer hours, not shorter.


Anonymous said...

My youngest is upset that I can't stay at home with him when he is out of school. Not only that, I can't even manage to go on any field trips or attend many events he is involved in because of my job. It does get old after a while. Thank goodness my husband has a different type of employer who does allow him the time to attend these things. Sometimes I feel like I am caught between trying to provide a better education for him, and missing everything he is doing because of the better paying job. How do you handle the guilt?

misty said...

I focus on the long term. My parents both worked when I was growing up - my dad was Navy and out to sea more than half the time! But I have very good memories of things we did together as a family: trips we took, cookouts with friends and so on. As long as I'm building in quality time with Daniel every day and special things a few times a month, I figure it'll all wash out.

Anonymous said...

Misty is on the right track. Its all about quality time. A detached, overwhelmed, trapped mom who is at home (I know, I've been one)is no better than an absent during the day mom. The absent one will tend to make the weekends, and nights more engaging and meaningful!