Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bullying worries

What's the difference between being bullied and just plain being picked on?
Daniel hasn't wanted to go back to school at all this week. "The other kids call me stupid" was what I got after weeding through the litany of "my head hurts, my stomach hurts, I don't feel good" complaints. So we had a discussion about those kids not being his friends and how his friends don't call him names, and he's doing so well in reading and writing, so why don't we give it a try just today?
But I don't know how to fix the base problem. My child used to love school. He loved his teacher, he loved learning. Now he only loves learning at home. We read together, he and his dad spend hours constructing elaborate Lego projects, and I have no problem getting him to write letters to grandma at home. He just doesn't want to go to school anymore. Help!


Anonymous said...

Hi Misty:

The difference from being bullied and just being picked on is that I feel with bullying that there needs to be some adult intervention. You may want to talk with you son's teacher and inquire as to which student or students has made these hurting remarks to you son. Then try and see if you can contact that child's parent and inform them of what has happened. I know from being a parent of two school boys that if I hear that they have done something to hurt another child, be it verbally or physically I want to talk to my child. I try and explain what they done was wrong and try to explain to them on their level how it make other feels. Maybe you and the other parent could get together with the children and just have a have a session whereas each child can explain their view and by the two children seeing adults coming together not blaming the other but trying to reach common grounds, then this will be a great lesson that they could carry on in their lives and think of the friendship that they may forge from this encounter. I hope everything works out and it alls fails just keep reminding your son the ole cliche "sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt" or do they. God bless!!!

Patty said...

As a teacher, I would want the parent to let me know that this is going on. Depending on the class size, she/he may be totally unaware that it is happening. Give the teacher a call and just give them a heads up.