Friday, January 18, 2008

Looking to the future

High school seniors are deep into college application territory. So here's my question: what do you look for, as a parent, when your kids are looking at schools? Is cost the major factor? Are the programs offered your main concern? What about size of the school?
Drop me a comment, start a discussion. I know Middle Georgia parents are super aware of the importance of their kids' educations!


Anonymous said...

My daughter graduated last year (07). Our only requirement of her was that she go to school in-state as we would not pay out of state tuition. We told her how much we would pay and she could make up the difference if she wanted to go to a more expensive (usually private) school. She originally based all her college choices on where she could play soccer. After getting accepted at several and getting a few offers, she decided not to play soccer and go to GCSU in Milledgeville. I really don't know why she chose GCSU, probably to be closer to home. Notice that she made all the decisions...I think this is the time where parents need to back off. We are known as helicopter parents for a reason. When my daughter was in the 10th grade, she took the SAT for the first time. I encouraged her to take it 2 more times, but after that I stayed out of the process unless she asked me a question. I cannot tell you the number of children that get to college and cannot put together a thought for themselves. Parents should certainly be involved in the financial planning, which in our case started when our daughter was a baby. We let her know how much we could (or would) pay. With HOPE, public colleges are very affordable. We have not even had to withdraw from her college savings yet. My suggestion for parents with younger children is to save as much as you can.

Anonymous said...

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