Friday, October 06, 2006

Goin' to the fair

When it comes to full-on family entertainment, nothing beats the fair. We're going tomorrow, and we all have our agendas.
Dad stops at the Krystal eating contest and anything with wheels, so Daniel will be with him for that. It'll be my opportunity to check out the crafts and art shows and drop in on the Master Gardeners.
Mom will then take the boy and head to the barns. Sheep, pigs, cattle, horses and whatever's at the petting zoo. Prime picture-taking time, and Daniel loves to pet anything that will sit still long enough.
We'll meet back up at the playset vendor, where Daniel can climb slides and swing to his heart's content while mom and dad catch a breather at the picnic tables. Then it's off to the midway.
There are a few rides Daniel is tall enough for, and even fewer he's brave enough for. Anything mom can get on with him is cool, and if it spins, well so much the better. It's a sure way to finish wearing him out so we can all get a good night's sleep.
So if you're headed to the fair, look for the Middle Ga Moms - next weekend I'll be manning the Telegraph booth from 11 to 3. Come share your stories and show me your baby pics!

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