Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Halloween poll

Never before have I seen so much anti-Halloween sentiment. Yes, it's a pagan holiday. But carving your pumpkin with a cross? A local magazine actually suggested that, and I thought: What's the point? Either celebrate the day for its intent, honor your dead on All Saint's Day and glory in the harvest, or forget it!
The trunk-or-treating some churches do I understand. It's a little (a lot) safer than knocking on a stranger's door. And I'm all for being as safe as possible on Halloween night. Lock up your cats (especially black ones) and if you don't want to celebrate, turn out your lights. I also avoid Halloween TV, because Winnie the Pooh's Halloween is about as scary as I can take.
But what do you think? "Trick or Treat will rot your teeth?" or "All's fun for a night of let's pretend?"

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