Tuesday, October 17, 2006

quick hits

I gather up a bunch of mom and family oriented publications every month. Here's the most interesting items from the bunch:

At what age do you start getting your kids' teeth cleaned? There are pediatric dentists in both Macon and Warner Robins, and those of you who have been with me from the beginning remember my trials with Daniel and the dentist. Sounds like a song...

Curious George is coming to PBS! Hallelujah! 8 a.m. weekdays, right before Clifford.
Also, if you haven't caught Little Einsteins on the Disney Channel, give 'em a shot. Daniel was fascinated last Sunday morning.

When did birthday parties go over the top? Dose it have anything to do with those awful MTV shows "My sweet 16" and the like where spoiled little girls fly to Paris and still can't find the perfect dress? Give me a break. Cake, ice cream, party favors and an afternoon playing games with your buds - that's all most kids REALLY need - and more than some kids get. If your pre-teen wants something special, try Bead Me Up or the new Amphora Pottery studio on Zebulon - where guests can create something special to remember the event and the birthday kid can get something to remember each of their friends. Kangaroo Bob's, the Children's Museum, and the Ga Bear Factory (by Kohl's) are also reasonable options.

Keeping active in the winter months - without committing to a sport. Not every kid is going to be an athlete. Heck, most parents aren't athletes. So when summer playtime is over and your youngster is spending eight hours a day sitting at a desk (ask your child's teacher if the school still has recess - you might be surprised!), how to you keep yourself and junior active? Think about trying on a karate uniform. Classes seem to start between $35 and $60 a month, plus uniform. You commit to a month of movement at a time, which means if you're going to be on vacation or something, you can skip a month. Also look at gymnastics (boys need to retain their flexibility, too!) and horseback riding. Or do what Daniel and I do - "work out" together in the living room. He handles my yoga tapes without the grumbling and keeps me from cussing at those perky aerobics instructors. Plus, the first time I saw him do a sit-up beside me, I couldn't stop laughing for five minutes. For older kids, skateboards appear to be back in fashion, so think Christmas present.

Coming up: yard work, a Halloween poll, and THE place to be Saturday.


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