Monday, April 23, 2007


I often joke that Daniel talks so much he falls asleep midsentence - then talks in his sleep! Only, I'm not really kidding.
The child uses more words in an hour than I use in a day. He wakes up talking, chatters to the teddy bear before breakfast, tells me his plans for the day in between bites, discusses his wardrobe and mine (through two doors and a hallway) while we dress, critiques the radio station while we drive, and tells me what he's going to tell his teacher when we arrive at school. I pick him up and there's a nonstop stream of commentary until his dad arrives. Then we start over, with the same stuff I've heard already, until dad begs for the quiet game.
I know by the time he's fifteen I'll be begging for four full sentences a day, but in the meantime, my ears runneth over.

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