Monday, February 13, 2006

"Surprise" birthdays

So how often has your baby come home from school with a stealth invitation to a best bud's birthday event? Or worse, you simply forget altogether that little Jimmy's birthday is coming up until the day of the party! Here's a way to avoid a last minute panic:
In the bottom drawer of a desk, cabinet nightstand, or under a bed, keep the following: Small game sets - jacks, marbled, tiddlewinks, dominoes, jump-ropes. Books and book plates (This book belongs to" for a variety of ages. Fun patterend socks. Mini-art sets - avoid anything that will dry out. Bubble, bubble bath or bath crayons. A couple of gift bags for each gender. Anytime an event sneaks up on you, grab a bag and drop a couple of items in it. Voila - no panic, no problem! And for the hosting mother - pretty bath soaps, a small tin of flavored teas or a variety of tealight candles say "thanks for inviting my kid" and assure an invitation to return.

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