Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Caught "Misty-eyed"

Misty must have been looking in our windows when she wondered whether anyone broke into their candy for trick-or-treaters before Tuesday. Last year, I found discounted candy a few weeks before Halloween. The store was clearing stock to make way for prettier-packaged stuff that was made especially for costumed kiddies. Problem was, it didn't survive. When I went looking for my stash, I learned my husband discovered it shortly after I bought it and had devoured it in nibbles along the way. This year, I knotted the plastic bags, but he still got into it right before Halloween. "We never have trick-or-treaters," was his excuse. Well, we didn't have trick-or-treaters, so now we have the replacement bags to eat, too. I couldn't resist a $1 Reese's multi-pack and a bag of $100,000 bars. Just in case we did have kids, I'd hate to give them power bars. Besides, the $100 Grand find was really pennies on the dollar. A girl's dream - a really big bargain AND it's chocolate. But Misty inspired me. I'll take the leftover candy to work. (But, I'm holding back a couple of $100,000.)
— Liz Fabian

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