Tuesday, November 21, 2006

To Barbie or not to Barbie...

... That is the question. There she was all in her pink-winged splendor. A fabulously costumed Barbie of Mermaidia fame. Sure Mattell, upgrade Elina just when it's time to buy the TWELVE Dancing Princesses. Thanks a lot. Nope, the Barbie train stops right here, I thought. This year. Already, Faith's room looks like a mess of mass casualties from some sort of fairytale disaster. Dozens of bodies lie about in varying shades of dress and undress as if a twister ripped the clothes from their toned plastic torsos. But still, I ponder whether I'm going to grab one of those bargains - already discounted by more than 50-percent. A true bargain is buying only what you need, so I snatch the Barbie classroom set-up for a birthday gift for one of Faith's younger friends and I'm off. Faith will learn to keep her dolls dressed and tidy, or Elina's sleeping at somebody else's house Christmas night.
— Liz Fabian

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misty said...

Might I suggest a cabinet with little pegboard hooks that will hold under the doll's arms (like you hang a hammer on)? And a tiny closet with hangers for the clothes? Anything left on the floor Sunday night gets tossed! Worked for my mom, and the Sunday night rule gets Daniel to pick up his toys.