Thursday, November 09, 2006

Theft is never charming

Shopping can be a sport, and I just lost a game. Throughout the year, I try to find gifts for people during those rare occaisions when I venture into a store for something else. My daughter's 6th birthday is coming up, and I found a perfect gift while recently buying trouser socks. The girl's answer to Legos is Clikits, little jeweled adornments that girls fasten to a variety of things. This package happened to include winter greeting cards. Great timing for her late November birthday. It was made even more perfect that it was on clearance and rang up even cheaper than I expected. Boy, was I proud. I'd bagged a big bargain. Well, as I was getting ready to wrap the gift, I noticed the tape on the bottom of the box had been slit. Never a good sign. Now I know why it was clearanced so low, all of the charm pieces were missing! Not charming at all. Hell hath no fury like a bargain shopper scorned.
-- Liz Fabian

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