Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas shopping frustrations

Guest blog from Angela of Horse pursuits -
Warning: Angry mom...
So I have been looking for this Nintendo Wii thing since the day after Thanksgiving. I've been to Buford, near the Mall of Georgia, and it seems that every place is sold out.
I've also been placing calls to Gamestop, EB Games, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. every day. I had just started calling yesterday when the Wal-Mart on Harrison Road said they had some. I asked the lady to hold it til I got there. She said she couldn't. I jumped in my car and drove out there from downtown. Took me about 15 minutes. And yes, they had some left. There was a gentleman in front of me in line who wanted to buy two. I just wanted the one (although I'm sure I could've sold it for a higher price, I'm not into that kinda market).
The cashier couldn't get the Wii's to ring up. It kept saying No Sell Item. I told the guy (after about 15 minutes of this nonsense) just to put $249.48 on the dang register and let me pay for the thing. So they go through this whole process of calling managers, assistant managers, blah blah. Finally, after about me standing there for at least 45 minutes waiting for them to figure out what was going on an associate tells me that his manager said they can't sell them until Dec. 3.
The manager was trying to walk away when I asked why he was going to hold onto them. He said that there was a new flyer coming out on Dec. 3 and that they wouldn't be selling any until then. I said, well Target just got some in this morning and they are selling theirs (to which he shrugged and told me again he wasn't selling any until Dec. 3) And I said, well I've already been waiting here an hour for you to figure out what was going on, can I get a raincheck so I can get one and he says, no you have to stand in line like everyone else. Can we all say BOYCOTT? I will NEVER go to that Wal-Mart again. The district manager will be getting a nice little phone call from me.
The thing that really irritates me is that I wasn't only going to buy the Wii, but another controller and a game, which puts my total purchase above $300. That I was willing to give them THAT DAY. But they refused my purchase, basically and told me I was outta luck. I'd like to use a profanity there but I will refrain since this is a family blog.
So my hunt for this stupid game system is still on. Two calls this morning and nothing. But I will not be visiting any Wal-Marts anytime soon, you can bet your bottom dollar on that one!


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Anonymous said...

What the manager failed to tell you is that they probably couldnt sell the units till the date he cited. All retailers sign a contractual agreement with nintendo and they dictate when the units are to be sold. (this was explained to me by a district manager). The units sales are tracked by serial number and if they violate the agreement, they get no more units.