Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Just a suggestion

Between an article I read recently and the usual uptick of purse-snatchings that come with the holiday season, I've about decided to stop carrying a purse.
Imagine, if you will, the most germ-infested, salmonella and e-coli carrying item in your wardrobe. Now imagine yourself putting it on the table where you and your family eat every day. That's right, it's your purse.
Think about it - your purse goes with you everywhere, from the car to the restaurant bathroom. Most of the time, you tuck it away on the floor - where people are walking and spilling, where animals are walking and doing business! But then you come home and drop it - along with your keys, mail and packages - on the table or counter. Eeew.
So I'm thinking that if I have to go out, my credit card and driver's license tucked into my jeans or shirt pocket will be all I need to carry. Checks have all the personal information a store clerk would need to steal my identity as it is. Plus, that leaves my hands free to carry more packages!

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