Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Crossing the bridge

Faith bopped happily across the little bridge at Wesleyan College. Her recent "bridging ceremony" celebrated going from Daisy Scouts to Brownies. The white painted planks symbolized the steps she's taken in learning important tenets such as courage and helping others. Just days later, she wrapped up her kindergarten year and became a "mommy"to a little kitten. Everything is moving so fast that it's nice to take time to pause and contemplate the changes in her life. "I can't believe you're a first grader," I told her over the weekend. "I'm not. I'm in kindergarten until next year," she replied. I bet she'll feel differently at the end of her junior year. She'll be claiming senior status immediately, I'm sure. It won't be long now. When I look at her, she seems so tall, so grown up, so mature. Yet, there is so much more to learn. Do I still have enough time to train her to be tidy? Can I find a happy medium between her eagerness to do things by herself and her ignorance about the dangers she faces? Will I be able to steer her clear of life's pitfalls? Just last night, she broke a crystal butter dish and walked her bare feet right through the shards of glass. Thank God there was only a little cut on her foot. She was on her way to feed the kitten and had one of those pop-top cans. I was telling her to wait for me when she accidentally knocked the dish off the counter. Daddy bandaged her up and she was off to bed. When I went to kiss her goodnight, I remembered we needed to feed the kitten. Too late. Faith had already done it herself, not realizing she was wielding a razor sharp lid just minutes after blood was dripping from the cut in her foot. Life lessons are hard, and I realize I won't always be able to protect her. I just pray we keep the bloodshed to a minimum.
- Liz Fabian