Wednesday, May 02, 2007

road trippin'

Daniel and I are seasoned car travelers. Five hours is a reasonable trip for us. Twelve is about our limit together, but I've done the seven-day, cross-country jaunt. As we pack for yet another visit to Grandma's house (literally over the river and through the woods to the middle of nowhere), I have been thinking about things I can't live without when it comes to a road trip.
1. map. Duh. I get lost getting out of my neighborhood some mornings. But give me a map and I can get from point A to point B, even if I take a different route every time.
2. Water. also caffeinated beverages. something sweet, something salty. I'm waiting for potato-chip flavored gum, but most often, I'm good with a bag of Gardetto's and some Dentyne Fire.
3. Car tunes. I have been known to make a new CD for every trip. It's interesting how, months later, I pull out that CD and the whole trip comes back. For instance, the theme from "Angel" will always remind me of Daniel's first car trip, at five months old. These days, I'm kind of stuck with the "Little People" CD, but bring on #4.
4. Travel DVD player. Daniel gets a new one for his birthday this year, as we've well and truly worn out the old one. Nothing like a new Thomas DVD to ward off "Are we there yet?" for those last couple of hours.

What's your travel "must?" MAybe I'll add it to my list.


Ryan's Nanny said...

I love listening to an audio book while traveling. Sometimes you arrive at your destination before the book is finished and you'll wish you had further to drive! Problem is, once I was listening so intently to the audio book that I wasn't paying much attention to my car and it overheated and my engine blew up. Not good. Very expensive.

misty said...

ooooh, ouch!

Plus, I'd no doubt miss my exit!