Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a difference of two years

My mother is a full-time babysitter for a three-month-old, a job she delights in. She didn't have the baby over the holiday weekend, and yesterday when I spoke to her she was amazed at the changes over just those three days. "She's getting her own personality," mom said.
I remember those days. I'd get up with Daniel after working overnight and think "When did he start doing THAT?"
Now, at five, I think of my boy as very grown up and chinging more slowly. He's always been an independent little thing, and is proud that he brushes his teeth and takes care of all personal hygine matters by himself. I've even let him start helping me clean his bathroom - "here's a clorox wipe, you wash the sink, I'll get everything else." And he's very proud to do so.
But this weekend we were at a party where he played with a young man just two years older, and I was amazed at the difference. Nicholas was able to ride a scooter (fast!), ride a horse on his own, and dive to the bottom of the shallow end of the pool, all things Daniel was too afraid or lacked the coordination to do. So I realize, as far as we have come, we've far to go, my little man and I.