Tuesday, July 11, 2006

All animation is not created equal

I love going to kids' movies because I feel free to laugh out loud. After all, there are 50 kids behind me talking, so who's going to "shush" me? For the same reason, I enjoy going at the end of a movie's run, or on an off-time (like 11 a.m. on a Thursday) when I'll be the only person in the theater.
But I'm having to learn the fine distinctions between animated movies. For example, Daniel loved "Cars," but couldn't sit through "Over the Hedge." He watched "Doogal" seven times in the four days we had it (I wasn't sending him out to play in 105-degree weather), but "Madagascar" didn't hold his attention once. So I'm dividing animated movies into age groups:
4 and under: Stuff like "Thomas," "Dora," "The Wiggles," "The Aristocats," "Oliver and Company." Also "Cars," "Ice Age" and "Toy Story."
ages 4-8: "Madagascar," "Over the Hedge," "Shreck," "Tarzan," "Aladdin," "The Sword in the Stone" and don't forget all those old "Superman" and "Captain America" episodes you can get on DVD for $1 at Target.
9 and up: Anything with more serious violence. Most of the late-Saturday morning cartoons now fall into this category, as does most of the Japanese-style animation. I actually put "The Lion King" in this category because I'm putting off the "Simba's daddy died" conversation as long as possible.
So there you have it, my Tuesday-morning take on cartoons. God, did my mother have to think about all this?

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