Saturday, July 22, 2006

Daddy's Day Part II

With blue and pink eyeshadow and one of her favorite dress-up gowns, Faith greeted us at her "restaurant." Her special supper for Daddy had its own printed menu, tablecloth and fresh-cut flowers on the breakfast table. She was so cute the way she had chosen a tablecloth and gathered up flowers from the backyard. She had long been planning the event, but was a little short on disclosing details. On my husband's birthday, Faith decided I would prepare the meal, but she had to serve it. Of course, I had to first change into a full length gown after sweating at the stove cooking pasta. I grabbed candles at the last minute as I talked her out of a white chiffon body suit that I usually wear with the long satin skirt. I couldn't bear the thought of tomato sauce on that blouse. Daddy was able to convince her he didn't need a tuxedo. He wore a sport coat, T-shirt and tie with nice slacks and shoes. She made us go outside - where it was about 100 degrees, get in the car and then get out and come to the door. She put on a really pretentious accent as she greeted us. I was leery of letting her dish up the pasta, which had cemented into one big glob by the time we were ready for our fancy restaurant date. She agreed I could dish up the plates. While I excused myself from the table, she made Matt ask where I was. I had to reply that I was in the restroom, but would be back at the table in just a minute. She refused to eat with us. She wanted to eat at the counter like a true server. She did dish up her own pasta and salad which I had also already prepared with dressing and parmesan cheese. At the end of the meal, I discovered her salad and pasta were swimming in a pool of balsamic maple dressing. "I got carried away," she said, "And now it doesn't taste good." I'm so glad I made our plates! As she grabbed Matt's birthday cake I had baked the night before, I envisioned her smashing the whole thing on the floor. She made it to the table without tripping. Daddy blew out the candles and Faith kept turning around and bumping into the coffee buttercream icing. Her sleeve got a good bit of icing and Daddy noticed a gooey glob on his dry clean only jacket. Let's hope the memories last even longer than the grease stains.
- Liz Fabian

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