Friday, July 28, 2006

One last summer weekend

For some of us, school starts in a week. Are you ready? Are the kids ready? What are you going to do with your last "official" summer weekend? Here are some ideas (in case you haven't got around to them yet)
1. Have a picnic. Take the kids and their favorite finger foods to the park for an afternoon. Eat, play on the swings, and take lots of pictures. When you get home, pass the popsicles.
2. Paint a picture. "Draw me your summer vacation." Then keep it in their scrapbook.
3. Go to the lake. Or pond. Or beach. Whatever. It's a day trip, and everybody's gotta get some sand between their toes.
4. Movie marathon. It's storming? It's 105? Bake cookies, then make a pallet of blankets on the living room floor for some serious cuddling, tickling and (hopefully) snoozing.
5. Berry picking. Blueberries, strawberries, heck, figs, pears and peaches. Go get a bunch and bake, freeze or can them up.
Whatever you do, enjoy these last few days before the early bedtime/homework grind begins again.

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