Wednesday, July 05, 2006

And this is what it's really like

So with my sister in town, we decided to have an adults poker party (with alcohol) the other night. We invited my father's other kids, step-kids, and their significant others, but I didn't feel it would be an appropriate place for his 15-year-old stepdaughter. Silly me. The response I got was: if you can't invite the whole family, then none of us are coming." Well, okay. It's my home, and therefore ultimately my responsibility if I'm serving alcohol and she drinks some, gets sick or gets caught, right? So I started a family fight, but I'm sure I did the right thing. After all, some day Daniel will be 15, and there's no way I'd let him attend the party I threw! As it was, he was safely asnooze in his bed before we got going. And Chris and I decided a long time ago that if one of us imbibes, the other doesn't. Thank God it was my turn!

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