Wednesday, July 26, 2006

School bus safety

Okay, intellectually, I KNOW school buses are safe. Millions of kids, year in, year out, blah blah blah. That being said, the freak me out.
One driver. Up to 40 kids. No seat belts. No way of enforcing the rules, because "I'll pull this bus right over young man!" just isn't real. And have you ever been driving behind a school bus, just watching what those kids are doing?
So, here we go. In the week before school starts, lets drill some rules into those heads.
1. We do not pick on the kids on the bus. We do not pull hair, make fun, take things from others.
2. We stay in our seats. You may not HAVE a seat belt, but you'd better act like you do.
3. Do not run to or from a bus. The law of gross tonnage says any moving vehicle - no matter how slowly it is moving - will do more damage to you than you will to it. Plus, you can see them better than their drivers can see you.
4. Act like I'm sitting right next to you. Or I just might be!

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