Monday, July 03, 2006

Theme park revue

Okay, I'll admit to being a bit of a theme park conoisseur. After all, I spent my teenage years a mere 20-minute drive from Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country, USA. So now I've been to our two closes theme parks, and here's the skinny:
Go north.
I have been to Six Flags twice. The park is clean, spacious and easy to navigate. They have awesome roller coasters, if you steer clear of Batman. The problem with that one: there's a long cue that leads you first through a stifling metal warehouse (what were they thinking?!?) and then back down the other side of the warehouse to another back-and-forth cue. And there's no escape hatch. Once you get in line, you're stuck. ANd if you're starting off in the warehouse, you're a minimum of two hours from the ride. And the ride isn't very good, as far as coasters go. So skip it. It's Six Flags' only flaw.
Wild Adventures is only an extra 40 miles than your drive to Six Flags and it's a smidge cheaper. Plus they host some great concerts throughout the year. But the flaws in the park are enormous. First, it's not very clean, in spite of staff's best efforts. Second, it's impossible to navigate. You're going to get lost at least twice and go 'round in circles trying to find your way out. Heaven forbid you're trying to find the exit after the sun sets or with tired kids. Because the park doesn't bother to turn its lights on. There are a few coasters, most of them good, but not great. And as for those concerts: the tickets may get you in the park, but you have to shell out extra for seats. Because you don't want to sit on the grass! I have 45-plus fire ant bites to attest to that!
So spend the extra in admission and go to the better park; hey, the kids will get to see Bugs Bunny and you get out of driving to Tampa (Busch) or Orlando.

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Anonymous said...

I suggest White Water! Six flags is for sure for kids and husbands that can still take those roller coasters. I tried 2 and by the end of the 2nd one, I was nausated. So, for the rest of the day, I followed my husband and 7 kids around while they had a blast riding everything...sometimes twice. So, if you're "gettin on up there", go to where the water rides are where you can lay back and enjoy being cool even if only for a ride!