Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cinema sequels of my childhood

Going to the movies is like turning back the clock. While taking Faith to see Ratatouille this week, we saw previews for "Underdog." The coming attraction provided another opportunity for me to deliver a "when-I-was-a-child" anecdote. In this case, I told Faith that "Underdog" was a cartoon when I was little. The new film with a real beagle and a lot of help from computer animation looks like a winner. I predict a resurgence of the beagle breed the world hasn't seen since Snoopy emerged from Charles Schulz' pen. It looks like Disney has another winner, but I'm only judging from the trailer. The movie debuts Aug. 3, so I guess we'll really see then. With the exception of Ratatouille, the films I've taken Faith to this summer are a throw-back to my childhood - Nancy Drew and Curious George. It's a nice feeling to resurrect the kid in me and so far Hollywood has been kind to my memory. While Faith and I enjoyed the rat flick, I was distracted by a cell phone toward the end of the movie. No, I didn't hear the ring. An alarming flash caught my attention like lightning out a window or a search light at the airport. One of the patrons sitting across the aisle had a Bluetooth in her ear that kept flashing. How annoying. I might have to invest in blinders before Underdog arrives.
- Liz Fabian

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