Thursday, July 26, 2007

Getting crafty in the summer

While Faith is beginning to be a little contrary when I make suggestions, we reached common ground at the craft table this week. The latest edition of The Telegraph's Southern Style magazine included a couple of projects to work on with children. Writer Cindy O'Donnell inspired us to fashion our own glow-in-the-dark butterflies out of water bottles. While the article included instructions for lightning bugs, Faith didn't like the Cootie-like tongue, so we ventured on to colorful butterflies and we improvised on the design. While I had intended to put forth a set pattern to keep us both on track, I let her creative juices flow a little as she did almost all of the wings. Her scissor skills are coming along and we managed to turn out some pretty cute little creatures. The test will come when we put glow sticks inside the plastic bottle and hang them in the trees for her night party this weekend. I admit I was dreading the project as I thought she would buck me at every turn, but I was pleasantly surprised. Plus the craft got her away from the television for an hour! Plus, I'm sure her friends will be impressed that she created and designed her little butterfly friends.

Liz Fabian

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