Tuesday, July 31, 2007

feeling "bad mommy!"

Some days I fell like there's no way to win in parenting. Daniel is high-energy and high-spirited. He's excitable and imaginative, and he hasn't yet learned there even is a line between "fun" and "too far."
Which means I feel like I spend most of my time these days disciplining him. "Don't call names" means ANY name - not just those ending in "head" (stupidhead). "Don't run inside" means in the house, in the store, in school.... And we won't even get into the teaching of patience "no, dinner is not done yet." and in five minutes "no, dinner is still not done yet." Do not tell me dinner is "yuck" after I went to the trouble of cooking it - before you even taste it! Do not repeat yourself five times or more just because I haven't gotten you that drink yet. I heard you the first time, but I can't always drop what I'm doing and attend to you RIGHT NOW - nor should I be expected to.
So those are a few of the issues I'm trying to teach, without feeling like I'm getting anywhere. I guess the next twelve years are going to be like this, but I'd better find a reserve store of hope in the meantime!

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