Monday, July 30, 2007

School supplies

We have to start thinking "back to school" a little early because Daniel's new glasses take some time to come in. But that gets me thinking about other things kids should have besided paper and pencils.
Eye exams. Yeah, this one's dear to my heart, but it's so important! If your child can't see well, they aren't going to pay attention to the board. If close-in vision is the problem, or dyslexia, you're not going to be raising a reader. So get 'em checked, at least once every couple of years.
Physicals. Young athletes already have to go through this, but I think taking healthy kids to the doctor instills a lifeling habit. Annual checkups are so important for adults - especially women's cancer screenings - that is just seems like the thing to do. I usually take Daniel around his birthday, just so I remember to do it.
A homework plan. We've been trying to get Daniel used to the idea of homework - using handwriting practice as "homework." But when we do get into school mode, we already have established a place for him to work and a regular time. He's got pencils and crayons and we can see him clearly to supervise.
So think about more than paper and notebook in your back-to-school prep. It'll pay off.
Oh, and look for back-to-school sections coming up in the Telegraph and the Houston Peach.

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