Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"I like being us"

During our weekly mother and daughter night, my little Faith said
something profound.
"I like being us," she said as we were finishing up supper after her
daddy left to go to his weekly Bible study.
Once again, her simple thought grabbed me in a powerful way. Because I work nights, our time together is precious.The most difficult part of my job is only being able to see her at breakfast and dinner. Just the night before,she told me how much fun it would be if I could sit with her by the bathtub and "just talk." My, how grown up my girl is, I thought. As we cleared off the supper table, I told her it was time for her bath. Although she protested and groaned at first, I told her I wanted to sit with her and talk.
"All right," she exclaimed and scampered off to the tub.
I hope she'll always want to come clean with her mother.
- Liz

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