Friday, March 24, 2006

Staying out of trouble

One of my side hobbies is cake decorating. Not so much slap a little icing on a cake with those multicolored sprinkles and call it decorated as the kind of cake decorating you see in "Brides" magazine. So when I get in the kitchen, it's often serious business.
Of course, Daniel wants to help. And being his father's son, he wants to taste and touch and eat some more.
This week, I've been putting my new kitchen to the test by making cake to feed 200 - Daniel's great-great-grandmother turns 90 tomorrow. To help keep little fingers out of trouble, when I baked the first of seven cakes, I set some batter aside and made cupcakes. As I was icing and ddecorating, Daniel got to play with (and eat) those cupcakes. Like all kids, he learned fast to lick the icing off, get his sugar high, and abandon the cupcake for the dog. So it's been a fun week.

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Anonymous said...

I cook dinner at home frequently ... and not the kind your can go from box to table in about 20 minutes. So, I can appreciate distraction tactics. However, I have a few issues usually: 1) it takes all of three minutes to get through whatever activity it is, 2) he'd rather be doing exactly what I'm doing, and 3) I can't stand cleaning up the mess he makes afterwards. He's two. What is your coping strategy.