Saturday, April 22, 2006

Buying as little as possible

Babies don't acually come with all the stuff they need. Bummer. So there are baby showers and hand me downs and Freecycle (a Yahoo! Group everybody should check out). But how much "stuff" do you really need?
Remember that backpack you had in college that you could stuff with all your books, a water bottle, a jacket, and still find your keys at the end of the day? Dig it back out. It's your new diaper bag. Even a manly man will carry a backpack.
I have a lot of peoiple ask me about high chairs. I can't for the life of me, see why anyone would buy the free-standing high chair if they already own a dining table and chairs. Opt for a booster seat. They strap to almost any chair, come with a tray table, and fold up so you can take them to Grandma's for dinner. Added bonus: the baby gets to sit at the table with the family, which means fewer demands for attention, a willingness to try "adult" food like asparagus, and early table manners. Hallelujah.
Cribs/bassinets/"big kid" beds: I will admit to using a bassinet for Daniel's first couple of weeks. Chances are, there's one sitting in a family attic they'll be thrilled to loan you (or again, see Freecycle). But once I got past the need to feel him breathe every five minutes, into his own crib he went.
And as far as the crib went, we bought one of those new convertible do-dads, which means Once he learned to scale the crib sides we turned it into a toddler bed. And now he has a "big boy" bed with a headboard and footboard that will last him through the teenage years - barring mass destruction. Plus, the sides are headboard and footboard for the guest (twin-size) bed. One purchase. Added bonus: the matching dresser doubles as a changing table.
End of sermon.

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