Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Found my groove

Now I've just got to start living in it.
A lot of my motivation in starting this blog was to not so much write about my kid (though bragging is my right - and yours) but to write about ME. My experiences as a mom, compared to your experiences as a mom, with the end goal that we all feel a little less alone and more sane.
I, like a lot of Warner Robins women, live far away from my mom, and while I used to call her four or five times a day ("Is this normal?" and "You won't believe what he's doing now!") I need someone local to tell me - "hey, this restaurant has the best play area." Or, "stay away from this park - there's a massive bee's hive." So while I share my experiences, I also want to know that I am not the only one who's four-year-old is too busy playing to stop and go potty, and I'm not the first mom to pull a nutty when her kid locks his bedroom door and stands on the other side giggling as she threatens his young life unless "you unlock this door NOW, mister!"
So I started writing. It's something I did before I was a mom, and it's something I enjoy. So in my quest to get my groove back as a woman, I am doing more things that are less "mom" and more "Misty." That includes painting my toenails, indulging my obsession with rings, and writing. And you know what? I'm better able to deal with the constant needs of my son when I've met a few of my own needs.
Because they're not luxuries, these little parts of me, they are necessities. A happier, more relaxed mom is a better wife, a better friend, a better mom. And while that's not a revelation to any of us, the first time you make the time to put that thought into practice, I bet you'll be as shocked as I was.

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CJ said...

Can I play? My son calls me a Man Mom. My wife is the breadwinner. I stay home with my infant daughter.

She is sleeping now which means I should be doing laundry, or cleaning bathrooms, or planning dinner, but I am not.

Instead, I'm on line searching for adult interaction. You don't get much of that as a Man Mom. Traditional Moms that don't work get involved with the school as room mothers or some such thing, but I can't bring myself to run in that circle of hens.

There are "support groups" for Stay-at-home Dads, but really, support groups? How lame is that?

But this looks cool. I live in Warner Robins. I'm old for a Dad and I have three other kids. Ala the Pittsburgh Steelers, I'd be happy to shoot for "one for the thumb", but by the time my wife gets home, I am too worn out.