Thursday, May 11, 2006

congrats to Moms of grads

As high school seniors prepare for "the walk," their moms are busy dealing with party arrangements, welcoming out-of-town family, and, oh yeah, college paperwork. Applications and acceptances may be done for most, but scholarships are yet to be had, orientations yet to be attended, and one last summer to get through. All the while, there's a bit of separation anxiety happening. And this time we're not talking about a toddler clinging to his mom on his first playdate, we're talking mom clinging to her baby as he stretches his wings in preparation to fly. As joyous as the next two weeks are going to be, there's a little bittersweet in them from mom's perspective. So I say to you mothers, as your kids become young adults - congratulations. You have successfully shepherded a new generation into young adulthood. You have cared for, taught, tended, disciplined, and loved your child from birth to high school graduation. Your baby can legally drive, vote, and live on their own. He or she will enter the work force, pay taxes, find love and break hearts, continue learning, and live to the fullest - because of the beginning you gave, mom. So take a moment, weep a little, pat yourself on the back, and know that you're not alone. And there's a generation of moms aspiring to be exactly where you are.

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