Sunday, May 07, 2006

How much is too much?

I read with interest this morning the article about "Dr. Dad," the new Mercer med school grad with 7 children. And I read the one line about his wife: "who works nights as an emergency room nurse." And I wondered: how do you define "having it all?" And how do you know when you're simply trying to do too much? For me, it was when I wasn't doing anything well, including parenting. So I stopped, took a breath, and let go. I stopped trying to control so much, I handed over household duties to my husband, changed jobs, delegated my group activities, and reprioritized the things I really wanted to hang on to. I now have a stronger marriage, know more about my kid and have more say in how he is growing up, have a job I love, and can even carve out time for myself. So, yeah, I have it all. I just had to redefine "it all."

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