Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Big girl rollercoaster

My daughter has always been secure. She was comfortable walking into a nursery in a strange church or spending the night with relatives since before she was 2. A La Leche League friend, who was my nursing role model, told me breastfeeding helps a child's sense of security. I guess it worked. Yesterday, as Faith was on her way to spend the night with a single friend of mine, she wanted to get on the phone with me at work to tell me how much she was going to miss me. She was feigning melancholy, but I knew better. Just a short time before, she could hardly contain her giddiness about her overnighter. When I saw her this morning she exclaimed, "Mommy!" as she opened the door. She proudly showed me her artwork she had drawn with my friend and again told me she missed me. Then she blurted out that she stayed up until midnight! "It wasn't a school night," was the excuse I got from her and my friend. What a grown up, my girl. Wrong. About the time the fatigue took over in the afternoon while I was at work, she started crying. The plea, "I want my mommy," was repeated over and over. It's amazing how fast my big girl became my little girl all over again.
- Liz

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Harriet said...

Liz, I read your entry with a bittersweet feeling of my own. My sweet daughter has demanded for years that I let her learn from her own mistakes. I try to convince her that I wish she would listen more to me sometimes and take my advice; yet she insists she must live it to learn it.
The parallel here is that I find that what you described about it being amazing how fast your big girl becomes your little girl all over again is a truth that does not change. My baby girl will be 20 in September. She is still fighting for her independence from her somewhat protective mom(okay, I admit that I am probably more than somewhat protective). In any event, as she hits roadblocks along the way, I have to tell you something that you already know; it's amazing how fast my big girl becomes my little girl all over again.