Thursday, August 31, 2006

C.S.I. - Faith's room

The trace evidence was scattered on the floor by her bed and into the hall. At first glimpse it seemed to be benign doll hair in tiny clumps. Upon closer examination by the trained eye of a crime reporter who happens to be the sister of a GBI forensic chemist, the locks appear to be human. When the evidence was gathered and presented to the suspect's father, he defensively said: "That is Barbie hair, right?" Upon further examination, dad fessed up that he made a similar discovery and interrogated the suspect when he thought he had retrieved all of the hair. "Have you been cutting Barbie hair?" he asked his daughter. "No," she hesitantly answered. Thinking Barbie might have just lost some of her hair during a fervent brushing episode, he went on with his business. Tonight we will get to the bottom of the case of the unexplained haircut. Has Barbie been secretly taking chemotherapy, contracted a rare disease or suffering a vitamin deficiency - or does a little innocent dollface have some explaining to do? Stay tuned.
- Liz

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