Friday, August 25, 2006

Show and tell

On Fridays, Daniel is allowed to bring a toy to school for show and tell. Most Fridays, it's the only way I can talk him into the car to go see his teacher. Can't say I blame him; by Friday I'm ready to stay home and spend time with my guys, too.
But in some ways, every day is show and tell. Because any mom who doesn't believe her kids' teachers know every detail of the little darlings' home lives is sadly mistaken.
Just as I hear "my teacher said..." and "Ian did..." or "I made a happy plate at lunch!," I know Daniel's teachers hear all about how the dog got in trouble for pooping on the carpet and how Uncle Tony made dinner "and I ate it all!" Or how "Daddy fixed mommy's car and I helped!" or "Mommy wouldn't give me candy!" (bad mommy!)
How do I know? Two ways: First, Daniel's teacher asked him what his mommy's name is and he replied "honey." I never realized how frequent Chris uses his favorite endearment, but Daniel sure picked up on it! And second: in a poll of Daniel's favorite things he said his favorite food was "my mommy said dinnertime!" Okay kid, whatever.

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