Monday, August 14, 2006

It could happen to any of us

My heart and prayers go out to Octavia Ammons, the mother of 6-year-old Jabriel Eason. Jabriel slipped out of the house while mom was taking a nap Sunday, even though she had moved a sofa to block the door. His little body was found in the lake behind their home today. I guess I feel like this could happen to any of us.
Because how many times has an exhausted mom lay down on the couch "for just a few minutes" while the kids are engrossed in Dora the Explorer? Or in my case, been in the kitchen cooking dinner while junior plays in the back yard, only to have him climb the fence and be found two streets over? Or worse, be in the mall bathroom and have the slippery little devil slide under the stall door and out of the ladies' room before you can get your jeans zipped? (I witnessed that one years ago - before I had a child.)
But really, as far as this case goes, I can't fault mom. I can't honestly say "you shouldn't be sleeping while you are taking care of your kids." Because I know what it's like to put a four-year-old down for a nap, thinking I can squeeze in one of my own once he falls asleep. Only to have him take a twenty-minute nap and then destroy his room as I sleep on. If he cracks his bedroom door, the mommy ears come on and I'm up. But I owe that more to a sticky bedroom door than to my own mom-sense. So I feel for Jabriel's mom. And I'll be keeping a closer eye on Daniel from now on. No matter how tired I am.


missvictoria said...

My name is Victoria Campbell and I have recently moved to Warner Robins from Florida. I am writing concerning the tragic loss of Jabriel Eason who this week was the victim of an accidental drowning in Crystal Lake. Losing a child to drowning is a horrible tragedy for a family. Unfortunately, Jabriel’s story is not unique. Every day in the United States 11 children like Jabriel will die from drowning. In addition, another 39 children will fall into the water and suffer permanent impairment as the result of a near drowning experience. Drowning is an epidemic for young children but it is a preventable tragedy.

For the past seven years, prior to moving to Middle Georgia I have been a part of a National Organization know as Infant Swimming Resource (ISR). ISR is dedicated to the prevention of drowning for infants and young children as tragically drowning is the 2nd leading cause of accidental death for children in the United States. For over 40 years, ISR has been a leader in educating parents, doctors, the community and most importantly children about drowning prevention. I encourage you to visit ISR’s award winning website at ISR advocates 3 lines of drowning prevention as a solution including maintaining constant adult supervision, creating safer aquatic environments, and survival swimming instruction for children. Visit this website and educate yourself about risks of drowning and what can be done to prevent this unspeakable tragedy. ISR has taught over 140,000 young children nationwide survival swimming skills and to date over 700 children have saved themselves using the skills they learned in this program.

It is vital for the safety of our children that every possible precaution be taken to prevent this tragedy. Many children in this community have not had the benefit of learning to swim which is a vital skill for everyone. It is sad that such a tragedy has occurred for this family. If any good can come of this, it may be that a greater awareness of this potential tragedy will occur and that greater precautions will be taken by other parents. Please take the time to visit this website: to learn more about drowning prevention and survival swimming instruction.

Donna Churchwell said...

In memory of Jabriel. When there's a loss of anyone's child, the whole world mourns.

Hey Mommy & Daddy!

Hey mommy & daddy!
My guardian angel came today.
He took my hand in his
Then we went on our way.

Hey mommy & daddy!
You should see this place! Heaven’s great!
All of us kids are playing and swinging
On this pretty golden gate.

Hey mommy & daddy!
Thanks for giving the world to me!
I was such a bundle of energy, I know
But I had so much to do and see!

Hey mommy & daddy!
I’m fine now, so don’t be sad!
God says I have a really great smile.
I giggle and say, “I get it from my dad!”

Hey mommy & daddy!
I'm with you all your days through.
Now I’m your guardian angel
And I'll be watching over YOU!! dhchurchwell