Sunday, August 20, 2006

Open wide and the mother of the bride

Here I was in the midst of glazing 166 mini chocolate cheesecakes for the Taste of Music charity benefit Saturday, when I had to stop and go for the camera. Eventhough the icing was stiffening, I was melting. Faith had one of her baby dolls in a rocking chair, she was in a rolling chair and holding a candle snuffer up to the doll's cheek. She was playing dentist. "Three, two, one," she said before taking the baby's X-ray. Faith had on her painting bib which doubled as her lead shield. She had fashioned a bib for the baby out of construction paper. She informed me that her patient was actually her son, who was a twin. His sister and a teddy bear were in the waiting room a few feet away. Her husband was a doctor who worked nights while she worked days so the children didn't have to go to daycare. (That happens to be our arrangement, except I'm the one on the night shift.) What a treat that she had taken a break from the television and computer and used her imagination.
Today was her wedding day. On our way home from church, she informed me she was getting married. After an afternoon cookout at friends' house, she was anxious to begin her nuptuals. Too bad the mother and father of the groom were ready for a nap. I decided to put the nap on hold. We could get her married off then doze off. She had donned all her bride-looking play clothes and gathered a bouquet of silk roses that she had me tie a white bow around. A wedding arbor from a doll set would play the music and I was to press the button on cue. As she came out of the sliding glass door, I hit the music and rolled tape in the video camera. She walked past the fountain on the patio to the lounge chairs. That was it. She was ready to walk out with her imaginary husband. I caught the bouquet, dad caught the garter (a white headband with a bow from a doll outfit). We all had imaginary cake. It was delicious. After the thrill of the wedding, the parents hit the bed. Faith was ready to watch a movie so now was our chance. The couch was her airplane on the way to her honeymoon and "Shrek" was the inflight movie. She had her baby with her, too. Of course inquiring minds like mommy's wanted to know how she had a baby when she hadn't been on her honeymoon. She told me she was married before, but her first husband had died. As I was straightening up before going to bed tonight, I noticed her trousseau was packed in a suitcase under the couch. Apparently it was still in the cargo hold. Too bad she lost her luggage on the honeymoon. I'm just glad I captured both scenarios on video. What a tape for her real rehearsal dinner. It truly was a weekend to remember.
- Liz Fabian

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