Tuesday, August 29, 2006

making time for a getaway

I think this might be the longest break in the blog to date. But as Daniel complained this morning, "momma you go to work all the time!" And he's right. The last two weeks have been tough, what with AVON meetings, a PartyLite show, a scrapbooking evening, and putting together today's special football section for the Houston Peach, even the dog is looking at me like "who are you?"
When you're four, a nap is all it takes to recharge the batteries. But when you're thirty-something, it takes a little longer. Like a three-day weekend!
So we're making time for a getaway. While Chris holds down the homefront, Daniel and I are going to visit family friends for the weekend. We'll lie around the pool for two days, practice his swimming skills, and generally do nothing. Early-morning cuddles, evening storytimes, maybe a little alphabet writing practice. But most important, mommy amd me time. And when we come back, I'll turn him over for some daddy and me time.

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