Tuesday, January 30, 2007

best idea I've seen in a while

There's a movement afoot in Macon and Warner Robins led by Super Suppers and Dinner by Design. Let me tell you about it:
Instead of going grocery shopping, bringing it all home, putting it away only to take it back out, mix, slice, measure and pour all before you get to actually bake and eat, busy moms and dads have the opportunity to schedule a visit to one of these shops. Super Suppers is on Forsyth Street, Dinner by Design is on Watson. You go in, select several entrees from their monthly menus, and they'll walk you through the prep work at the pre-setup stations. You can choose to leave out any ingredients your family won't touch, or to add a little more of whatever they should be eating more of. At the end of two hours, you can have up to twelve fully prepared meals ready to stash in the freexer. When dinnertime rolls around, all you have to do is defrost and bake! It's not fast food; these are real ingredients and real meals. And you don't have to do twelve meals. Drop in, try one or two. I'm betting you'll be hooked.
Want to try the food without the full experience the first time? Super Suppers offers a freezer full of menu items ready to pick up. And if you know what you want, you can call ahead and they'll make it fresh for you for a small service charge.
I love this concept, if only because the menu items are things I would actually fix for my family if I had the time! Everything is so fresh, you know you're eating for nutrition, too. And Super Suppers offers a few events to get you in the door:
Feb. 19, when the kiddies are out of school for President's Day, there are mommy and me workshops available. Sign up and bring your child in to cook for the family. Teaching them the basics of food prep now will help them during those crazy college days when some students live on pizza and mac n cheese. Also, check Super Suppers calendar online (www.ssmaconga.com) for their Super Suppers 101 introduction courses. Worth your time - hey, make it a date nite!

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Anonymous said...

I was reading some of your old blogs and ran up on this one....Super Suppers has absolutely saved my life! It is so easy and cost effecient as well. I can feed my family of 6 for less than $3 each and the food is great! Everybody should try it.