Friday, January 19, 2007

Feeling the love

I thought I was losing my mind. While packing for a newspaper conference, my suitcase disappeared. Thinking my husband prematurely packed it in my car, I looked outside. It wasn't there. I started looking all over the house, thinking I put my overnight bag down somewhere while I was doing other things. When I audibly announced my frustration at not being able to find my bag, Faith disappeared down the hall and I heard the linen closet door slide open. Miraculously, the suitcase appeared. Faith had stashed it, hoping I wouldn't leave if I couldn't find the suitcase. It's nice to be loved. Just the other day she warmed my heart in another way. After dinner, Daddy had dished up some ice cream for her after she left the room for something. While she was gone, I passed by her bowl and squirted a little strawberry sauce on top. I didn't expect much of a reaction, but when she came back to the table, her face lit up. "I love what you do for me," she said to my delight. Who knew adding a little sweetness would reap such a rich reward?
-- Liz Fabian

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