Friday, January 19, 2007

Show n tell rut

Every week, Daniel looks forward to Friday. "Is it Friday yet?"
Friday comes and, inevitably, he comes out of his room clutching either Thomas the tank engine or Emily, the shiny green engine with the big wheel. "I'm bringing Thomas to show n tell!" he announces. And I sigh.
"You brought Thomas last week. Pick something else."
"I'll being Emily."
"No, your friends have already seen Emily. Pick something that's NOT a train."
And so the agony begins. And, because show n tell is supposed to be fun for HIM, I eventually give in. "Okay, you can bring Thomas, IF you put him in your Thomas lunchbox and bring your puzzle to put together, too." It's all Thomas the train, so he's good with the compromise. And teachers, just so you know, I'm trying to break the rut!

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