Thursday, January 25, 2007

Danielus interruptus part II

I remember my mom's frustration - every time she got on the phone one of us kids needed something - urgently! So I have a very calm solution with Daniel. I gave him his own phone.
It gives him something to do while I talk, even if it means I hear my end of a conversation twice. I'll say something, then a mockingbird behind me repeats the whole thing - tone, inflection and all. It's a little eerie, but it makes me watch what I say and how I say it!
When he does interrupt while I'm talking, usually "Daniel, mommy's on the phone" will take care of the situation. But I understand, to an extent, why all the interruptions.
A telephone is competition for my attention. And it's not competition he can directly combat. So often, when he and I are reading a book or something "just us," I choose not to answer the phone.
I have voicemail. I have caller ID. I return messages and calls. And you know what? It's been remarkably freeing! Now, if we're eating dinner and the phone rings, I continue enjoying my dinner. I no longer race to get the phone when it rings. I feel more in control of my time, and that's a good feeling.

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