Saturday, January 06, 2007

surgical lessons part 1

Under the heading of "things I thought I hallucinated" were my surgeon's post-op instructions to "walk two miles a day." Mind you, said surgeon had just removed a slice of my hipbone! I though HE was the one on morphine.
But once I got hobbling along, I discovered not only that the orders were not a hallucination, but that they worked. I felt better, could walk easier, and learned a few things about my neighborhood.
For instance, there are a lot of children (or grandchildren) who got toys similar to Daniel's for Christmas. I think it was in Virginia that I learned to break down all boxes and either make them fit in the trash can or haul them to the Dumpster myself if I didn't want everyone to know what new toys I had. So hopefully in the fall we'll meet some more neighborhood kids for Daniel to play with.
Also, in the interest of taking a long walk that DIDN'T involve climbing hills, the dog and I explored a part of the Wellston trail that ends in my neighborhood. Lo and behold, the other end of a little-over-a-mile walk comes out at Fountain Park on Kimberly Road. I had been thinking the trail would be a great place for Daniel to practice riding his bike (see abovementioned hills) and I was right. Knowing there's a playground on the other end of the ride will motivate his little legs to tame the two-wheeler. And if my weight-loss plans proceed as I hope, I'll be joining him on roller skates come Spring.
So what cool discoveries are you ready to make in your neighborhood? Take the kids for a walk on the next sunny day and see what you can see!

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